Bartlett Grove Park Playground Recognized in X Rated Video Shot

Bartlett Grove Park Playground Recognized in X Rated Video Shot
Residents in the neighbourhood surrounding Bartlett Grove Park, Tennessee, are not amused. An x rated video shot in Bartlett Park shows a porn actress doing something nasty on a playground slide. WMC-TV reports that parents are reacting with disgust to the Bartlett Park video and some might not let their children play on the equipment any longer.

Okay, so the concerned parent’s reaction is a bit over the top, and truthfully there is precious little that a bottle of bleach couldn’t fix. Ok folks, tell me please how do you know that this chair you are sitting on, nearby bench on which you are putting your pack bag, and the restaurant tables on which you are enjoying the mea are not actually all props in last night’s porn video shoot? For all you know, that park bench you are sitting on could have been the stage of the nasty just this morning!

Take for example the 2004 case of two Delhi students who shot a porn video outside with little more than their school uniforms and a cell phone camera. Sify News was quick to assure concerned parents that the x rated movie was shot somewhere outside and not inside the school, but there is little more information they could give at the time.

Then there is a website (which shall remain name and link-less) that advertises its beach videos and promises footage shot on public beaches. The San Diego Union Tribune reported in 2005 on a popular gay nightclub that was the backdrop to a large number of x rated gay porn movies.

In 2006 the Los Angeles Times reported on a residential Encino neighborhood where a homeowner had rented out his property to the adult film industry and the front door appeared to quickly turn into a revolving door for adult movie actors, actresses, and the entourages they engender. Yes, it was legal.

Coming back to the Bartlett Grove Park video, Bartlett TN residents already know that public porn shoots are not new. Fox News reported last year that TN Union County High School students were in the process of filming their own x rated video when a teacher interrupted them and halted the production.

The story of the x rated video shot in Bartlett Park teaches a valuable lesson to all you NIMBYs out there: if it happened in Bartlett Park, on a children’s slide, it can happen anywhere, at any time, on any stationary (or moving) object designed for public use.

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