Charlie Sheen Internship Search Reaches Second Round

Charlie Sheen Internship Search Reaches Second Round

The Charlie Sheen internship race has a lot of contestants. In fact, the competition had an initial 74,000+ in the running before the field was cut down a bit. Although the actor may not be the most reliable boss to work under, thousands still want to be near him and his winning. Even though his run through the airwaves and scandal sheets is dying down, he remains the most desired celebrity to get access to. However, many seem to believe that Sheen’s forthcoming intern is a foregone conclusion, since a porn star made the second round.

Yesterday, porn actress Isis Taylor revealed that she was among those who made the second cut of possible interns. Therefore, virtually everyone assumes that she’ll get the job and become the star’s new goddess.

But the internship applications likely include a wide variety of people. Over 74,000 candidates applied for the job – and now that he’s officially unemployed and off the interview circuit, he likely had time to read them all.

Taylor promised to do Sheen’s “social media right,” although he’s already mastered Twitter and the webcast circuit. She also teased that she had connections with Bree Olsen herself, which is a notable character reference in this race.

Whoever gets the internship has to leverage his social network, monitor future online projects, and attract new online followers. Now that the actor isn’t returning to television anytime soon, he appears set on becoming a full time Internet superstar for now.

In between this competition, Sheen has officially expanded his live one-man tour, as he is going to Columbus, New York, Cleveland, Boston and Wallingford, Conn., in April. By the time he finishes telling his side of things again on tour, he’ll be ready to expand his Internet empire.

With the internship race and the expanded “Tornado of Truth'” tour, it seems that he is keeping himself busy for the months ahead. Anything that distracts him from more interviews, and other temptations out there, has to be a good thing for the moment. Now that enough time has gone by, people may be more entertained than disturbed by his antics eventually, like they were before the recent madness started.

Whoever wins the position with Sheen is sure to have some stories to tell, as he or she will be working for eight weeks in the summer. By then, the mania over the actor’s downfall could be a thing of the past, assuming he doesn’t top himself again.


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