Pornography Is Hurting Our World

Pornography Is Hurting Our World
The porn industry is slowly taking over. The United States porn industry’s revenue went from 7 million dollars in 1972 to 8 billion dollars in 1996 and then to 12 billion dollars in the year 2000. Porn has been around since there has been film but as technology advances so doesn’t the way porn is produced and distributed.

Some huge companies that you won’t necessarily think play a part in porn distribution make some of the biggest contributions. For example the company AT&T; offers broadband cable which viewers can subscribe to multiple porn channels. AT&T; also owns a company that sells porn to hotels for guests to subscribe to if they like. Stop and think how many cable giants offer porn channels or movies to purchase.

You can not get away from porn, it surrounds us. How many times have you gotten emails offering memberships to porn sites or to see ‘free’ pictures? Billboards that you really don’t have choice whether or not to drive by advertise porn magazines like Hustler or Playboy. Now jokes about porn or porn references are part of sitcoms on TV. For example, the show Friends; Monica walks in on her husband while he is staying in a hotel room and catches him masturbating. He is surprised by her visit and quickly changes the channel and sharks are displayed on TV. Monica is shocked to see her husband (Chandler) watching a show on sharks and masturbating. She doesn’t say anything but instead decides to play into this fantasy Chandler has and dresses up like a shark. Chandler finds this funny and explains to her that shark porn is not his thing and that regular girl on girl porn is, and Monica is actually relived. Or what about the show that was actually aired called; Can you be a porn star? I find this very scary that porn has become so normalized.

Porn is an industry that eats women alive.

Do you know most porn stars only last a year and the reason being is because the audience likes fresh faces. At first most porn stars won’t do certain things like double penetration or anal sex but then they need to up the ante to stay in the competition. Once the industry has gotten the porn star to do it all she is tossed to the side and a new girl starts. The more a woman does in the industry the less her status is but if she doesn’t do what they want she doesn’t make money. It is a lose lose situation.

I know some people are saying porn is a choice, but do you know how many women engage in sexual activities and don’t even know they are being taped? Or what about the women who are being taped and their partner wants to use it just for them, next thing you know you are out on the internet. Many women are forced into the porn industry by abusive partners or are women who have been kidnapped and forced to make porn movies. These types of situations are the norm not the abnormal.

Porn has changed drastically, consumers are no longer happy with male dominated porn. The more violence and rape in a porn video the more they sell. Those videos are real, it isn’t someone pretending to be raped, it is someone being raped. What does that say about consumers or even our society in general? To me that screams violence against women is acceptable and pleasing to watch.

Prostitution is a very common and is a world wide industry. Prostitution is very similar to porn but in all states, except certain places in Nevada, prostitution is illegal. The laws state you can not purchase sex from a person, but what are you doing when buying porn? You are purchasing sex from a person to please your sexual needs. It is a real person/people who make those movies! What is the difference when you buy porn online and it is ‘live’? You make requests for women and or men to perform sexual acts, once again to give you the consumer sexual pleasure. Pimping is illegal; which is defined as making profit by selling someone for sexual pleasure to others. Porn produces do the same very thing but it is not illegal for them. Prostitution and porn sound like the same thing to me.

What can we do to stop this rapidly growing industry that has more money then most countries? Simple easiest step, don’t use porn. Encourage your partner and friends to not use porn. It will be hard to be the one who is challenging what has become the norm and some people may even call you whipped. If you fall into that trap then who has you whipped then, your so called friends. Why would you want your partner to have imagines of porn while you are in one of the most intimate places in your relationship? I rather have my lover be focused on me!

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